Thursday, April 18, 2013

Best Breakfast in Town

It's not often that I eat out by myself, and when I do, it's usually someplace dreadful.  So, it was awfully nice today to be able to grab a meal at one of my favorite breakfast spots, Crossroads Cafe, in Joshua Tree, CA.  Crossroads is one of those funky, eclectic places that serve what I derisively call "Good For You" Food, but they also do a fantastic breakfast scramble and always have quality beers on tap.  If you ever visit Joshua Tree National Park, they're right on the way.

In the photo: "Mike's Mess" from the Breakfast Menu, a scramble of mushrooms, ham, bacon, onions, potatoes and eggs, covered in melted cheese, sour cream and fresh tomatoes, with rye toast.  I had it with their excellent coffee and a sample of Lost Brewery's Great White ale. 

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